Late Drop

Surf more of the waves you love.

Time to launch!

January 7th 2019

Roughly 10 years since I wrote the first version, followed by the recent few months of serious grind, I'm finally doing it. I'm launching my personalised surf forecast/alerting service and making it available to the world.

Ok, ok.. not quite the world (yet) - but it is now available to surfers interested in trialling the service in the Newquay area.

The basic idea of Late Drop is that it can tell you where and when to go to find the waves that best match the ones that you tell us you love surfing. No need to trawl through forecasting sites for all the spots in and around your area, looking for somewhere that might match the conditions you're looking for. For those that love a waist-high mellow sesh, we'll try to find it for them. For those that are after overhead heaviness, we'll hunt that down and tell them when and where to find it. Whatever it is that you tell us you want, we'll be looking for it for you!

Every forecast comes with a score for size and a score for quality. These are both percentages and are there to help you determine whether you're going to the beach that day or not. The size score will show how close the wave sizes in the forecasted session should be to your idea of perfection, whilst the quality will show whether the session is likely to be any good or not. If you're looking for 3ft waves, it's entirely possible that a beach could have waves of that size but with a strong onshore wind. In this example, the surfer's size score would be high (e.g. 90+) but the quality score would be low (e.g. 40 or below). Obviously, only you can decide on any given day what sort of scores will mean you'll go for a surf. This might depend on your lifestyle, commitments, your eagerness to get in the sea etc. We're all different - which is exactly why I created Late Drop in the first place!

As you'll see on the sign-up page, we're currently in a 'beta testing' phase. What this basically means is - we've just launched, and if you sign up now, you'll be part of the vanguard! I'm interested in every single piece of feedback we get from you - if there's something you'd like Late Drop to be able to do, shout up and I'll see what can be done! I've got plenty of ideas of my own, and will probably look to implement some of these over the coming months. But what I'm REALLY interested in, is what YOU want from it.

So, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sign up and don't hold back - tell me anything that you like, don't like, or would really like from Late Drop. My hope is that together, we'll build something really special.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Here's to some great waves - hopefully found for you by Late Drop!

Founder, Late Drop