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An example forecast/alert

January 29th 2019

I thought it might be useful to show the sort of thing you can look forward to receiving once you've signed up to Late Drop.

Currently, you'll receive one email a day (before the sun comes up), with content looking something like this:

Example email alert

As you can see, I've included some notes (the blue text with the arrows!) to show you what's going on, but read on to see just how much valuable information we're packing into that little email!

First we tell you where and when to go for the best wave size match for you today.
Note that this may or may not be your preferred/local beach - it's wherever in the area has the waves that best match your preferred size (that's the one you told us when you signed up).

Then we tell you what the best time to go to your preferred beach would be.
Note that the wave size may or may not be a good match for you here, but the time we recommend will be the time of day when the wave size is closest to your preferred size at your preferred beach.

Now, see that in both recommendations we give you:

  • The SIZE of the waves in the session (remember, we're going by the size of the wave face, from trough to peak)
  • A SIZE SCORE (this is a percentage, and tells you how close the wave size will be to your preferred size. So the closer this score is to 100, the closer the wave sizes will be to your preferred size)
  • A QUALITY (again, a percentage, this tells you how "decent" the session is likely to be - for example: messy waves with a strong, onshore wind will give a low quality... But with clean waves, good ordered sets, and light offshores, this would give a high quality)

To help you to digest all this information super-quickly, you can see that we show you those percentages in bold if the values are above 75%. This is our way of saying "this session is likely to be a great one for you"!

Finally, a new addition at the bottom of the email - your local tide information*. Always a good idea to know the tide times on any given day!

As you can see, the format is nice and simple, and really clear. It tells you what you need to know, and takes less than 30 seconds to absorb all the information you need. Compared with, what, 20 minutes of looking at a couple of forecast sites, followed by the tide tables, then back to the forecasts...

Hopefully that helps. And remember that once you're signed up, you can of course change your preferences at any time!

* It's worth remembering that Late Drop forecasts already take the tide into account. This means that if the wave height is affected by a particular tide height/state/position, or if surfing a spot is just not safe or practical (e.g. around high tide at Towan in Newquay), then you're already covered.

You can sign up right now - it takes less than a minute and you can start receiving your personalised surf forecasts tomorrow!