Late Drop

Surf more of the waves you love.

About Adam

I'm a surfer living in Newquay, who knows the kind of waves I really love surfing.

I was 12 years old when I first started catching waves with my cousin in the empty seas of Pembrokeshire, and I've never looked back. I took on two paper rounds to save up for my first battered old second hand thruster. It was shaped by the late, great Errol Hickman - I had no idea who this was at the time, but the name splashed across the board seemed pretty cool to me. (I named the board "Errol", obviously. I've still got that board and occasionally still surf it!)

Sadly, surfing was never going to pay the bills for me, so I'm also a coder, and have been doing that professionally for over 20 years. I've been lucky over this time to have lived in various places (sometimes places with waves, sometimes not) including a sweet 2 year stint in the glorious "natural paradise" of Asturias in Spain. It was there that, in between surfing and looking for a job, I started building what has now become Late Drop.

I'm now happily settled in Newquay, where I live with my wife and our young son. I always try my best to find a good balance between work, family and surfing, and I developed Late Drop into something that could help with this. Now I hope it can help you too!

Founder, Late Drop